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MENAT Nurture: Who we are and how we can help you

HSBC promotes a family/caregiver-friendly approach by advocating for policies, engaging in educational initiatives, sharing expertise, and highlighting the advantages of a diverse workforce that includes family responsibilities.

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Championing for change, highlighting policy or procedural gaps and providing support and focus groups.

  • Increase in paternity leave and a move towards equal ‘parental leave’

  • Introduction of 5-day career leave imminent across MENAT

  • Close support for the Parent-Friendly Label Award, UAE

  • Working closely with other ERGs on mutual areas of interest

  • Work closely with HR on benefits programs (Enhanced medical, parenthood, IVF benefits)

Fostering a sense of community for colleagues to connect and share the ups and downs of parenthood and caregiving

  • Active Chapters & communities across MENAT with largest chapter in UAE

  • 8 Support Groups in UAE established based on age of children, supporting colleagues.

  • Congratulatory Baby boxes delivered in UAE (by Yalla Baby) and in Bahrain (“Surprise & Delight”) – filled with everyday items for baby & mom as a gift from HSBC Nurture.

  • Events: Kids@Work

Providing a platform where colleagues can hear from experts/SMEs and each other on topical and relevant issues.

  • Well being: Child Mental Health, Navigating Emotions, Caregivers’ Mental Health

  • Cyber Safety: Cyber Bullying, Online Gaming & Safety

  • Financial Planning: Wills & Succession Planning, WPB Offerings for employees, overview of Metlife coverage and HSBC’s employee life insurance benefits

  • Education: Choosing schools, applying to college

  • Panel discussions: Raising Multilingual Children, Parenting your parents, Maternity leave & return

Join our UAE Nurture Support Groups and connect with colleagues on a personal level

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